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25th October 2011

Photoset with 8 notes

from “Profiled” project

by Ken Gonzales-Day

I checked out the new Ken Gonzales-Day show, “Profiled,” at Fred Torres Collaborations last Friday.  It’s a fantastic project, and the quality of the prints and the installation only made me appreciate the work even more.  I encourage you to check it out if you can!

For this project, Gonzales-Day photographed sculpture collections at various art museums throughout the United States and western Europe.  The arrangements of the sculptures—either arbitrary or arranged by the artist—create complex commentaries and associations in your mind as you become absorbed into the photographs.  The press release for the show states that the photographs examine “representations of race, gender, and class throughout Western culture,” although the images raise many issues that even go beyond these already heavy themes.

These two images are a couple of my favorites, and I really liked how they were installed opposite one another, on far ends of the gallery.

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